New name HMS

Wednesday 10 February 2021

What do cyclists and a flock of birds have in common? Well, they both cycle or fly in a V-shaped formation: to protect each other from the wind, to make the group stronger and to improve it. They even change formation if circumstances demand it; sometimes using the strength of the individual and at other times the strength of interaction. As a university of applied sciences we are just like a cycling peloton. The interaction we have makes us all stronger together. We want this to not only be experienced, but also seen, which is why we have a new logo and have changed our name a little. Everything that is great about Stenden Hotel Management School, you’ll now find under the name of Hotel Management School

New kit  

We’ll be changing into our new kit gradually, so you won’t immediately see us in our new apparel everywhere. It may be that you’ll see something like a brochure with the old logo on it, but that’s our environmental friendliness. It means we’ll be riding in both kits for a little while. 

What does this mean?  

Our name has changed but we haven’t. We’re announcing the change to all our colleagues and staff at NHL Stenden and we’ll be launching our new brand to our business partners. Soon our new domain name will go live as well.