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Hestia Student lounge

The Hestia Student Lounge is located next to the NHL Stenden Leeuwarden campus. As part of the campus facilities, students are welcome to visit the lounge to study, relax, socialise and meet up with their assignment groups and friends. Internet, coffee and tea are all available free of charge. The student lounge is open from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

The core intention is to provide national and international students “a home away from home” and to give students a good first foothold here in Leeuwarden. In order to give them a comfortable balance and to let them enjoy their time here in Leeuwarden, students are also welcome to organise their own public events ideas such as international dinners and consequently earn social study points.

The Hestia student lounge also offers students the opportunity to learn new languages and improve their intercultural insights. These languages are for instance Dutch, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences gives four hosts the responsibility to manage the place, in order to keep the lounge alive and active. Each host has a specific function in overseeing Hestia’s finances, promotion, activities, maintenance and events.

For more information drop by at Hestia or contact us at:

Facebook: Hestia Student Lounge
Email: info@hestiastudentlounge.nl