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Navigators Studentenvereniging Leeuwarden (NSLeeuwarden)

NSLeeuwarden is a Christian student association with around 60 members. Faith, cosiness and hospitality characterise us as an association. You are kindly invited to come and experience this for yourself. With the Navigators Student association, you get the most out of your student life!

Every week, we have two meetings on Tuesday and Thursday night.  Every Tuesday we meet in small groups. One week at Tuesday night we have a bible study and the other week we have an evening with activities. Every Thursday night we meet with the whole association in our clubhouse. Every Tuesday and Thursday night we have a drink in our clubhouse at 22.00. Our clubhouse is Sociëteit Vox at Nieuwesteeg 1, Leeuwarden. 

NSLeeuwarden is part of the Navigators network in the Netherlands. In the whole country, we have 19 cities with Navigators associations. The whole year we have events and parties with other Navigators associations throughout the Netherlands. Besides our nationwide Navigator network, we have close contact with other student associations from Leeuwarden. 

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about our student association? Take a look at www.nsleeuwarden.nl or send an email to abactis@nsleeuwarden.nl. See you soon!