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Student Union

The Hotel Management School Student Union (SSU) is a collaboration of the student and study organisations that are linked to Hotel Management School.

Currently, the SSU is made up of five organisations: Culinary Cuore, Wijnvereniging Dionysus, Io Vivat Nostrorum Sanitas, Navigators Studentenvereniging Leeuwarden and StuCo IHM - but we are still expanding!

Our goal is to show you that there is more than just studying. Being part of one or several of the organisations has many advantages. You will not only make great friends, but you will also learn new things, expand your network and collect Elective Credits. All of this while having a good time! Every organisation has a different focus and offers activities, field trips, events, and parties so make sure to check them all out to see which ones you might like. If you need more information, feel free to visit our Facebook page Hotel Management Student Union or send us an email via ssu@stenden.com.