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Wine Association Dionysus

Wine Association (wijnvereniging) Dionysus is a student association which differs from most traditional associations. The association was founded as a wine association to bring together people with an interest in wine. Even though wine forms the core of the association, there is enough room for social development.

About us
Dionysus is a student association with a passion for wine. We host wine tastings, we drink and most important we party. Our main event of the year is our annual wine trip to one of Europe’s finest wine regions. Are you curious? Join us on Tuesday for a nice glass of wine.
During the academic year we invite guest speakers from the industry. The speakers most often have years of experience in restaurants, wine import or other wine related professions.
Activities and parties
Aside from the tastings, we organize a variety of activities and parties througout the year. From a cocktail workshop to the annual gala, and from our famous themed parties to the Ladies and Gentlemen trip.
Are you interested in our association and want to come by for a glass of wine? Do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail board@wineassociationdionysus.nl or one of our socials (@wineassociationdionysus). See you!