NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences challenges its students, staff and partners to reach beyond existing solutions and possibilities, to discover and develop their talents so as to contribute to social progress. They break down status quo and make unobvious choices. This stems from them daring to be themselves. It makes them original – and it makes NHL Stenden home of the originals.  

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NHL Stenden is a community of originals, people who break down the status quo, make unobvious choices, and do things a little differently. It’s an international community where you share and develop your individual views and talents to connect and explore above and beyond. A community where you are known by your name - and call your lecturers by their name. Where you learn to think and act from different perspectives and pool your knowledge with others as you work together to explore different ideas. A place where you can be you, where you feel safe to fall, brush yourself off and stand up again. A community where very different worlds come together. 

NHL Stenden - Home of the originals  

What makes NHL Stenden home of the originals? Quite simply the people and their mindset. And we aim to create an environment and opportunities that will help our originals on their way. 

Check out what NHL Stenden has on offer

Endless international opportunities

In an international community in the Netherlands and with opportunities throughout your studies to work, study and travel to other countries.

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Learn by doing

Working on assignments set by real companies in project teams, sharing view and talents to create novel ideas.

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Your home away from home

Be yourself in a community where you are known by your name – and call lecturers by their name.

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Explore beyond your studies

Discover where your interests and talents lie with opportunities that take you beyond your direct field of study.

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A head start on your career

Gain experience through real-life projects and in-company internships to better understand your field and develop your work mindset.

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Study abroad in the Netherlands

If you ask an international student to describe the Netherlands, they often say inspiring, relaxed & open minded. It’s an atmosphere that appeals to many when deciding where to study abroad. In fact, over 115,000 international students choose to get their degree in the Netherlands, so obviously there must be a lot of plusses. 


Experience student life

Your life as an international student can be quite different to what you’re used to: some things may be totally new while other things feel strangely familiar. Hearing about other students’ experiences can help you prepare for your new student life, so check out what our students have to say.  

Choosing your degree

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing where and what you want to study. Whether you already know what direction you want to go in, are convinced you want to study abroad or have no idea if you want your degree to be practical or research-based, this page can help you on your way with tips and advice.