We want to prepare you for an international, intercultural, and ever-changing environment, so that you can dive into the unknown and gain experience in an international context. Follow a minor subject abroad by going on Grand Tour or on an Exchange programme or do a shorter programme abroad with one of the mobility options offered by RUN-EU. And, of course, you can also opt to do your internship abroad. You’ll be able to put together the right combination of courses and internships to develop both your professional and personal skills – and develop your own network for the future. 

  • Study in an international environment in the Netherlands with more than 80 nationalities

  • Study at a European University and take part in one of the mobility opportunities offered by RUN-EU 

  • Go on Grand Tour to Indonesia, South Africa or Thailand, or to Aruba or Italy 

  • Go on exchange to one of the 150 partner universities we have around the globe 

  • Choose the minor subject you want to take in the third year of your studies. It doesn't always have to be directly related to your field of study and it can be in practically any country! 

  • Visit one of our partner universities during the summer break and join a summer school programme to develop your knowledge and skills in a specific area 


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Robert, International Business student

I knew Grand Tour would give me loads of opportunities

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