Study Dive 11 June

Welcome to our Study Dive

Welcome to the NHL Stenden Study Dive website! The Study Dive was held on 11 June but we're keeping the recordings and information online for you until 25 June, so even if you missed out on the day itself, you can still find out all about studying in the Netherlands. Come on and take a dive!

When your studies start, we don't want you to be thrown into deep waters. Instead, we’ll dive in with you! We are students ourselves and thought it was about time we gave you some secret insights into NHL Stenden.

We’ve been busy preparing unique content for you: tips on house hunting, job opportunities for internationals, and fun city and campus tours. These imperfect videos are self-made and brought to you by us! Your fellow students.

We’ve planned live programmes and interactive sessions to keep you on your toes:
a follow me-tour where you can lunch and chat with us, project sessions about your favourite degree programme and of course speed dating at its finest.

From students for students, to give you a kickstart into your student life at NHL Stenden!

We’ve put together a very diverse programme for you which hopefully ticks all the boxes. So, grab your coffee, tea, or Heineken (whatever you prefer) and get ready for a splash.

Kick Off

Kick-Off Session

Are you curious who the faces behind the Study Dive are and what awaits you today? Be part of the kick-off session and meet Christina and Neele. They have been planning this online event for you for the last few months and are now looking forward to meeting you. An introduction to the day and all the important information await you here. Be there!

Join the Kick-Off

Follow-Me Guided Tour - 11.30 - 12.30h

NHL Stenden

Live Stream Tour Leeuwarden

Watch the Live Stream

Live Stream Tour Emmen

Watch the Live Stream

Students 101

Want some tips and tricks from real students? Let us show you what student hacks we have prepared for you so that you can start your studies well prepared.

Find out more

Student Life x StuCo CB

What does student life in the Netherlands look like? The students of the Student Council Creative Business give you an insight into their everyday life.

Get all insights

Student Cities

Would you like to know what awaits you in your future student city and what you shouldn't miss? Come with us on our journey through the different cities.

Explore our locations

Students Abroad

The Netherlands and beyond? Gain first-hand insights into our international opportunities.

Let's go abroad

You haven't applied yet?

Application for September 2021 is still open for EU students! What are you waiting for? Follow the link below, check the admission requirements and apply now for September 2021!


If you have any questions about studying at NHL Stenden or about any of our study programmes, then contact us on WhatsApp (+31 6 12 31 81 10) or by email ( We’re here to answer your questions throughout the study dive, but you can always contact us afterwards too.