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Hey there!
We are the Student Council of Creative Business - The bridge between the Creative Business study and the students. StuCo CB is an organization that thrives on making your study experience as valuable and enjoyable as possible.

As our current project, we have created a series of different vlogs together, which should give you an insight into our everyday life as students at NHL Stenden. But it's not just about studying here; immerse yourself in our various activities, excursions and experiences and become part of our community! Have fun!

And if you want to meet the whole team of passionate and outgoing students, or you want to get a sneak peek of our events, check out our social media channels and join the creative adventure with us,

your StuCo CB.

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stuco beach

Beach Day

Join Marina and her friends for a fun day at the beach!

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Stuco disconnect


Are you tired of spending 24/7 on you laptop/phone? Here are a few tips on how to spend some quality time offline, courtesy of Lea!

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Stuco Birthday

Birthday Vlog

Follow Emy around on her birthday to have some delicious cake for breakfast, a rainy afternoon stroll, and a lovely evening with her friends!

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Stuco Draw

Draw with me

Get inspired by following Dori trough her relaxed evening at home. No matter if you’re alone or in company, get your brushes and paints ready to get creative!

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Stuco Photographie


Let’s keep it calm to wander around with Finn. Follow him around to see how he spends a lot of his free time finding good spots and people to take photos of.

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Stuco Creativity

A Day Of Creativity

Thank you Nina for showing us how you spend your creative days! Grab your friends, some paints and brushes to ease your mind.

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Stuco Picknick

Neighbourhood strolls, cats and a picknick

Let’s follow Alina on a calm neighbourhood stroll and her lovely picknick in Leeuwarden. How many cats can you spot?

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StuCo Explore Amsterdam

Explore Amsterdam

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? In this vlog Anna takes us with her to explore this exciting city! Come and stroll along the waterlooplein flea market, countless canals and beautiful buildings to find a really cool second hand book store!

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StuCo Stay Active

Stay Active

Do you belong to the 5 AM Club? In this vlog Lina shows you that it’s not always easy to get out of bed and exercise. Luckily, there are maaaany ways to move your body. You just have to find what suits you.

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Students 101

Want some tips and tricks from real students? Let us show you what student hacks we have prepared for you so that you can start your studies well prepared.

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Student Cities

Would you like to know what awaits you in your future student city and what you shouldn't miss? Come with us on our journey through the different cities.

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Students Abroad

The Netherlands and beyond? Gain first-hand insights into our international opportunities.

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