Student Cities

Student Cities

Studying abroad is truly one of the most exciting endeavors you can take on as a student. Part of it, of course, is immersing yourself in the country’s culture. What better way to experience the Netherlands than to explore as many places as possible?

Public Transport

Public Transport in the Netherlands

Follow Christina and learn her tips and tricks for getting around the Netherlands in the best possible way.

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Will Leeuwarden be your new student city? Take a digital tour around the cityand get to know the Oldehove!

Explore Leeuwarden


Is your future study in Emmen? Did you know it’s in a region full of entrepreneurs? And that the city itself has the largest indoor shopping centre in the Netherlands? Come and find out about Emmen and how our students study there.

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You can take the International Teacher Education for Primary Schools course at our small-scale NHL Stenden location in Meppel. If you’d like to study in a small city, then you’ll feel right at home in Meppel.

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You've probably heard of Groningen, right? Here, we also have a location of NHL Stenden. Immerse yourself in a day trip to this beautiful city.

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Students Abroad

The Netherlands and beyond? Gain first-hand insights into our international opportunities.

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Students 101

Want some tips and tricks from real students? Let us show you what student hacks we have prepared for you so that you can start your studies well prepared.

How to prepare

Student Life x StuCo CB

What does student life in the Netherlands look like? The students of the Student Council Creative Business give you an insight into their everyday life.

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