Is your future study in Emmen? Did you know it’s in a region full of entrepreneurs? And that the city itself has the largest indoor shopping centre in the Netherlands? Come and find out more about this beautiful Dutch city.

Situated in the northeast of the Netherlands, Emmen is a small place where city and nature are combined. The centre is incredibly active with bars and cafes to eat some Bitterballen and drink a cold beer. Many stores and a public park are ideal for relaxing and enjoying the view. Cycling around the city, you can also find beautiful forests that are the perfect place for long walks, especially in winter when the snow covers the trees. The best part is that from Emmen, you can explore other Dutch cities like Groningen or Utrecht, which are fantastic for visiting on the weekends and meeting other students.

Did you know that?

  • Emmen is the city that inspired the creation of Bluetooth
  • Emmen hosted the first Women Chess Olympiad
  • Around 56,000 people live in the city of Emmen 

Check out the video below and find out why our students love studying in Emmen.

Student City Emmen

Do you want to know why Emmen is a great place to live and study? Follow Wilma on a tour through our campus in Emmen.

More impressions

In addition to the impressions and experiences of our students, we have collected some photos of Emmen. Immerse yourself in the beautiful nature and the great city centre of Emmen.

Locatie Emmen

Our campus

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to visit the university in person at the moment. To give you an impression of what the university of applied sciences campus is like in Emmen, we’ve added our recorded campus tour.

Watch the video

Study Start Week 2021

When you start your degree, you’ll first get to take part in various activities organised by your study programme during the study start week. In addition to the informative part of the study start week, you’ll also get to have loads of fun with you and your new fellow student discovering Emmen together.

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