If you have never lived in the Netherlands before, you are probably interested in traveling around the country and seeing all the beautiful places it has to offer. That’s why we decided to share with you an idea for a day trip to one of the most fascinating locations in the Netherlands – the student city Groningen.

Emy Yana

”If you happen to be in the area, we strongly recommend you visiting Groningen! You won’t be disappointed!”

Our trip began at 9:30 when we met at the train station in Leeuwarden. Instead of buying tickets, we used our OV-chip cards to travel, since they give us a great discount on the price. An hour later, we were already at the beautiful train station in Groningen, looking for a place to grab a coffee, while waiting for Nick. The Groningen Museum on the other side of the street was unfortunately closed, so we left it for another time. However, since it was Saturday, we decided to use the opportunity to visit the local weekly market. It was definitely bigger than the one in Leeuwarden and the variety of products was larger. There, one of us bought coffee, while the other used the time to take some beautiful pictures of all the flowers and fresh food, that they offered. After that, we headed to the incredible Noorderplantsoen park, where our friend was waiting for us. We took a walk around the city center and found one really cute place with extremely friendly staff. The place was called MASMAS and it resembled a cozy living room. We strongly recommend it! The coffee and the veggie quesadillas that we had were super tasty. We even made some drawings on our coffee cups as an excuse to stay longer and take a rest. ;)


”In the meantime, one of us disappeared into another cool place, called Ra.”

Ra is a restaurant with a hidden vintage shop in the basement, called Lilo's vintage! Sounds really interesting, right? The guy there is also super friendly, and if you are lucky, he might offer you a piece of the delicious banana bread, that they make. After regaining our energy, we headed to the Martini Tower in order to take a look at the city from above. Unfortunately, it was also closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Then we tried our luck with the Forum building, which is a really beautiful cultural center, again with a nice view of the whole city, which one can visit for free. However, only the first floor and the library were open, so we couldn’t see much. If you, on the other side, have more luck than us, you should definitely not miss the chance to see this place! Then we headed to the unbelievable garden Prinsentuin. This was one of our favorite places in the city. We took many pictures there and had a lot of fun running around, feeling like we are in a fairytale. After a while, we decided to continue our tour around the city and visit the city beach, which was not more than five minutes away from Nick’s place, so we ended up there for another short break. There, he told us a bit more about Groningen, we listened to some good music and even managed to see a small part of the city from above. This was our final destination for the day, so after that, we went back to the station and took the train to Leeuwarden. On the way back, we discussed our favorite memories and places from our trip and even brainstormed some ideas for our next journey together! ;)


In conclusion, we can say that Groningen is a really nice place to visit while being in the Netherlands. It is the city with most students in the country, which makes it really lively with a lot of restaurants, bars, clubs, and art. There are a lot of things one can see and do there, such as have a picnic in the park, take a free walk tour around the city, admire the beautiful canals, go to the many restaurants, clubs, and cafes, visit some cool second-hand stores, try stand up paddle boarding, rent a bike for the day and, of course, visit all the historical landmarks. If you happen to be in the area, we strongly recommend you visiting Groningen! You won’t be disappointed!

Check out more photos of the day below.

Insights into our daytrip

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