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Are you worried about finding accommodation or a job in the Netherlands? Do you wonder whether you need any special programs on your laptop before starting university? Or are you an international student and curious about what it's like to study in Europe?

Our students would liketo share their experiences with you and have prepared some articles and videos with all the information you need along with some tips and tricks! The topics are divided into four categories – ‘House Hunting’, ‘Working Students’, ‘Getting started in Europe’ and ‘Tour around a Laptop’ and will give you the answers to all your questions! Enjoy!

Student Life x StuCo CB

What does student life in the Netherlands look like? The students of the Student Council Creative Business give you an insight into their everyday life.

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Student Cities

Would you like to know what awaits you in your future student city and what you shouldn't miss? Come with us on our journey through the different cities.

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Students Abroad

The Netherlands and beyond? Gain first-hand insights into our international opportunities.

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More Information

Are you in the final stages of getting ready to start your studies? Then check out our web page full of practical information to help you on your way. And if you have any other questions, send us a message on WhatsApp or email us at