There must be a reason why there are 115,000 international students from 160 different countries studying in the Netherlands. You can read below why the Netherlands is an ideal place to start you international career.

Excellent education

Higher education in the Netherlands is known worldwide for its high quality and its international study environment. Dutch educational institutes score well internationally, and NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, for example, is highly regarded for the quality of its education. For the third consecutive year, we have been listed as one of the of the top 3 ‘best large university of applied sciences’ in the Netherlands according to the Dutch Higher Education Guide 2021.

 “I love the teaching principle and how it emphasises the personal relationship. The focus is on coaching and supporting the students and because the teachers are watching out for me, I can focus on learning.”

Kyra Bar talking about the NHL Stenden educational concept

Innovative educational system

The Dutch educational system is interactive and focuses on teamwork, which means it helps international students meet one another. During your studies, you acquire and develop skills such as problem analysis and solving and creative thinking. You learn how to form your own opinion, maintain an open mind and increase your international orientation. NHL Stenden’s educational concept is one of the #6 reasons why international students choose NHL Stenden. It’s called Design-Based Education and it means students work on assignments from the real world and transform their ideas into practical solutions. You can find out more about what our students think of our education concept and why it’s a reason for studying at NHL Stenden here and how it works here.

Best non-native English skills

The Netherlands has the largest English-speaking population of any country in continental Europe. In fact, the Dutch are the best non-native English speakers around! In the major cities, foreign nationals can even find jobs without the requirement of being able to speak Dutch, especially if it’s at one of the many larger multinationals. Our country is also the largest supplier of English-taught course programmes in Europe. NHL Stenden offers both English-taught bachelor & master’s programmes.

Open minded, safe and welcoming

If you decide to study in the Netherlands, you will be part of international community with over 200 nationalities. The Dutch are considered to be open-minded and direct which means it’s fairly easy to meet them and exchange ideas. The Netherlands is also one of the safest countries in the world according to the Global Peace index, and it’s in the top 10 of happiest countries in the world. All in all, the Netherlands is simply a great place to do your studies.

Affordable Education

Life in the Netherlands is not expensive compared with English-speaking countries. Dutch higher education is subsidised by the government and this means the tuition fees are relatively low. You may also be eligible for a loan to cover the tuition fee or for a scholarship from the Dutch government. Affordable education is actually one of the #6 reasons why students come to study at NHL Stenden. You can find out more about what our students think on the subject here.

A small but vibrant country

The Netherlands is a small but vibrant country. Public transport will take you almost anywhere you want to go, but the bicycle is the cheapest and easiest way to get around – especially if you live in a city. There’s plenty to do in the Netherlands and all possible within a student budget. Go on a day trip to Amsterdam, rent a boat in the scenic canal town of Giethoorn, go to one of the great festivals or go cycling and swimming on one of the Wadden Islands. The Netherlands has so much to offer.

Central location on the Map

The Netherlands has a lot to offer but you may want to spread your wings even further and go on international trips in the weekends or during the holidays. Just check out the map of Europe and you’ll see how centrally located the Netherlands is. This makes it really easy to go sightseeing in countries like Germany, Belgium, France and the UK, and it only takes about 45 minutes to fly from Amsterdam to Paris, Berlin, Brussels, or London. The Netherlands also has great train connections to practically all the major European cities.

NHL Stenden is based in the north of the Netherlands, as close to Germany as it is to the international airport in Amsterdam, making it really easy to go abroad. However tempting that may be, staying closer to campus is great too. The campus cities may be relatively small, but there’s plenty to do with great student facilities, sports clubs, activities organised by students associations and lakes, woodlands and islands there for the exploring. Click here to find out why students think #reason 5 great student life is one of the #6 reasons for studying at NHL Stenden.

Orientation Year

As part of an initiative by the Dutch government to attract international talent, non-EU graduates from Dutch higher education institutions can apply for an ‘Orientation Year’ permit after graduation. This permit allows graduates to look for work or start their own business during a period of one year without having to apply for a work permit. A lot of graduates stick around even longer; recent research revealed that a quarter of all international students stay in the Netherlands for the rest of their lives after graduating (Nuffic, 2016). 

Find out more about the post-study work rights.