Results Design Based Education year 1 Tourism Management

By Akke Folmer

How can you innovate the tourist product of the Wadden area, taking the wishes from tourists into account and respecting the environment? 160 first-year Tourism Management students from NHL Stenden have been working on this assignment. The Afsluitdijk Wadden Center, the Casemate Museum, and the Holwerd aan Zee Foundation gave the students this assignment.

To come up with the right innovations, the students first conducted research. The three tourist destinations were visited and the students analyzed these through the eyes of a tourist. Innovations were then developed. Looking at feasibility, creativity, sustainability, fitness for the target group, and potential to attract more tourists, the best idea was chosen per location.

The winning concept for the Afsluitdijk Wadden Center has become a life-sized "Waddenonopoly" game. Families with children and grandfathers and grandmothers with their grandchildren can participate. By playing the game, visitors learn more about the natural environment and have contact with fellow visitors.

Virtual Reality Experience
The Kazenmattenmuseum proclaimed the team with the "Virtual Reality Experience" concept the winner. This experience is designed for people with reduced mobility. Visitors put on special glasses during this experience and explore the Kazenmatten at their own pace. During their visit, the students saw that disabled visitors could not enter the bunkers and casemates, or had difficulties with it, and that is why they came up with this idea.

Location theater
For Holwerd aan Zee, the idea of ​​an open-air theater on one of the new small islands was awarded. This location theater can, among other things, tell the story of the residents of Holwerd aan Zee. This is interesting for both visitors and residents.

It was the first time that first-year Tourism Management students worked on an assignment from the industry. The students enjoyed doing an assignment for a tourist company. They came up with many creative and innovative ideas. A successful educational method that will be used more frequently from now on.