Cross-over minor ‘Media Innovation in Tourism’

By Brigitte Nitsch

The growth of media in the tourism industry is a never ending story. The possibilities are limitless. This minor which allows students to study both sectors will therefore create important value for both major programs: Creative Business (Media Management) and Tourism Management. This attempt to cross over between programs has led to an interesting course, allowing students to develop a concept media prototype for a medium or small enterprise. Campus Bali supported the cross over pilot minor and the program is offered now for the second time. Our philosophy in the program is that the students can support the tourism sector in implementing new media products to support local entrepreneurs, communities and the unprivileged.

In the cross-over process different kinds of bridges had to be built. A long bridge was necessary as working with three partners during a merge took time and patience. Short bridges were easy as agreements about the content came quickly. Creative Business, Monique Lamboo, has the responsibility of the coordination of the minor, Bali campus, Marga Bootsma, the implementation and Jörg Wenzel and Brigitte Nitsch deliver the content and assess the tourism related learning outcomes. They have based these on their experiences of coordinating modules at campus sites for more than 15 years. Not to forget that knowledgeable lecturers from both programs supported this team with ideas and materials.

The minor ‘Media Innovation in Tourism’ in Bali, has become a specialization for Creative Business and Tourism Management students. Moreover, students from other programs already enrolled. We embrace every student, wanting to study the challenges in communication within a Medium or Small Enterprise (in a non-western setting) and to deepen the knowledge about media concept development in an interdisciplinary team.