NHL-Stenden, travelers and tour-operator TUI work together for tourism education in Zanzibar

 by Maaike Bergsma

A unique collaboration between travelers, higher education and the tourism sector has been established in order to support tourism education on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar.

In 2018 the school of Leisure and Tourism collected 200 kg’s of tourism study books among the staff. The study books (which cover a variety of tourism management topics) were sent to the NGO Welcome Ideas in December 2018 and January 2019. Welcome Ideas is a US based Non-Profit Corporation, operating in Zanzibar. The studybooks will be used for the teaching activities of this NGO which wants to help members of the local Zanzibar community develop, finance, and operate their own tourism related businesses. They do this through education, support, networking, and pop-up facilities such as their tourism library.

The donation would not have been possible without the help of Touroperator TUI. The company  operates a direct flight between Amsterdam and Zanzibar and made space available in their Dreamliner to transport the books. TUI travelers Ton and Djoeke Degeling and Annette van der Ham (affiliated to KAWA training Centre on Zanzibar) were so kind to take the books and to hand them over to Kenn Scott and Abdulsatar Ali Mohammed (Directors of Welcome Ideas).

Tourism Management lecturer Maaike Bergsma (who worked on Zanzibar in the past), has coordinated the project:

“I am very pleased that our School of Leisure and Tourism is able to support other tourism institutions around the globe. Thanks to this unique collaboration, students and lecturers on Zanzibar have access to specialist literature about tourism management!”

Are you interested to donate studybooks or to support tourism education on Zanzibar in another way? Please contact Maaike Bergsma (Maaike.bergsma@nhlstenden.com).