New connections in Regional Comakership

by Brigitte Nitsch

In Friesland, the professorship "Sustainable Innovation in the Regional Knowledge Economy" started to connect ten interested companies and organizations. The first MDC (Multi-Disciplinary Chain) has been set up and regional issues such as quality of life, health and leisure have been chosen as areas of focus.

In Friesland, the “Cultural Capital 2018 Leeuwarden” project has brought many parties from different sectors together and there are plans to continue the cultural outbursts with new strength. This requires lasting innovations. This progress is interesting for the research group and the companies participating in the MDC are interested in gaining new insights into the market, the organization, the personnel policy or, for example, what the environment demands from us through cooperation.

The professorship has been active and successful in Drenthe and Groningen for more than 10 years and has built up considerable experience through collaboration with the Leisure & Events Management course (Leeuwarden, Emmen) and the Alfa College. Now the Tourism Management course has also started to do research with students in the 3rd year "Tourism Research Projects" program. In the context of Design Based Education, the role of the research group with regard to regional research issues and the development of prototypes is expected to play an even more important role in the Tourism Management program.