Hungarian student Réka Toth has a clear reason for studying Logistics Management in Emmen: to be able to work in her father’s logistics company. Studying in the Netherlands costs about the same as in Hungary and since NHL Stenden has the only Logistics Management programme in Europe, it was an easy decision to move to the Netherlands.

“My goal is to work in my father’s logistics company,” Réka notes. “Or maybe even take it over some day. I’m already working for my dad’s company part time so as to help finance my studies. I work for NHL Stenden on the ambassador programme here and for the logistics programme, so that is another source of income, and then my dad helps out financially.”

”I’m learning much more in practice than I ever could from a book”

Réka Toth, 2nd year student of Logistics Management

Hungarian ambassador

Réka takes her ambassadorship for NHL Stenden seriously. She set up a Facebook page, makes vlogs, and helps other Hungarians when they arrive in the Netherlands. “I’ve always wanted to do these kinds of things, so that’s great,” she confesses. “It’s to the benefit of others and it’s helping me become more open and confident. I was asked to help promote the programme, for instance, so I did a webinar the other day and I’ve been in touch with Italian universities so that their students can finish their degree here as a short track programme. These activities are really good for my cv as they involve so many different skills, such as communication, presenting and time management. And it keeps me busy!”

Rising confidence

“Thanks to the ambassador programme, I’ve particularly developed my communication skills. I used to be so shy, sitting in a corner, but as an ambassador you have to give presentations and reach out to people. And somehow it means just keep getting more and more opportunities and that’s really good for my career and internships. I’m learning much more through practice than I ever could from a book.”

Drawing on resources

Between her studies and her work as an ambassador, Réka does have some time to spare for socialising. “Though, I do need to manage my time better than most students,” she admits. But being involved in so many activities does have the added benefit of building your resumé and Réka is only too aware of that. “I think I can be proud of all the things I’ve done so far and I’ve also learnt some unexpected skills, like intercultural competency. And the skills we learn are very hands-on. The teachers care about us here and are super helpful. They’ve all worked in logistics and this makes the quality of education better. Plus we have access to great resources. The buildings are modern, with spacious study landscapes, charging facilities, a good library, laptop borrowing facilities and, best of all, 3D printing.”

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