Hien Anh is clear about what she thinks top quality education is. Of course, NHL Stenden’s ranking played a role when first choosing a hotel school, but then she compared her options by looking at the quality of other factors. For Hien Anh, the standards set by NHL Stenden’s real-world practice and international environment stood out – and that the programme gives true meaning to the word hospitality.

“Hospitality is far more than just welcoming guests,” says Hien Anh. “It’s marketing, communication, human resources, politics, cultural diversity, logistics. By exploring all these topics, NHL Stenden makes sure we cover the whole spectrum so we’re really getting a thorough, top quality education. And because we study and work in an international environment, we gain different insights into each topic, find out how other cultures perceive a situation, whether it’s about how a room is set out, a dish served, how people are greeted or how a building should be constructed. What may be normal in one country, could cause offence in another and it’s good to know what these differences are. It means we can offer true hospitality, combine being professional with being friendly.”

”NHL Stenden sets the standards. It’s up to me to meet them. Reflecting on my progress reminds me of what I’ve learnt”

Hien Anh Doan Thi, 2nd year International Hospitality Management

“The attention given to career development also adds to the quality of our education. After each module we have to write a reflection so as to keep track of our progress. It’s meant I’ve felt better about even the little things and it reminds me of what I’ve learnt. And by experiencing each department and level in an organisation as I progress through my studies, I learn to appreciate the work involved. This will help me in my career later. In short, NHL Stenden sets the standards and it’s up to me to use the insights I gain and the opportunities presented in order to meet them.”  

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