grand tour

Grand Tour

  • Discover the world while you study.
  • Encounter new cultures.
  • Benefit from the NHL Stenden practical teaching style.
  • Live near the NHL Stenden campus.
  • Stenden will help you with all the preparations for your stay.

Your options abroad

Grand Tour application

The Grand Tour is available only to students enrolled at NHL Stenden. Applying can be done through iStenden. Are you interested in studying at NHL Stenden and the Grand Tour? Feel free to browse through our wide selection of English-taught study programmes.


It is advised to stop and think carefully about the costs involved in going on the Grand Tour. Remember to take into account transportation, accommodation, visas, insurance, and vaccinations. It helps to compose a list of everything you might need to finance. NHL Stenden students may find detailed cost overviews on iStenden.

Get help preparing

Going on the Grand Tour is quite an undertaking and there are a lot of different variables to consider. To help you prepare, you'll attend three pre-departure meetings. These treat practical topics like visa applications, insurances, and vaccinations, but they also prepare you for the culture you are about to be a part of. Information about subjects like cultural awareness, norms & values, and safety is vital to your preparation.   

More information

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