All around the world!

Working on world-wise innovation: that is our mission. Internationalisation plays a key role in this. We encourage our students to gain international experience by doing their internship or minor subject abroad. Whether this is at one of our Grand Tour locations in Indonesia, Qatar, South Africa, Thailand or just across the border in Belgium; an internship or study abroad is an experience of a lifetime.

Internationalisation is a major part of NHL Stenden’s assignment to offer high-quality world-wise research and education. Internationalisation is one of the vital ingredients to become a future-proof global professional. You discover how people in other countries work and conduct business. And more importantly, you learn to interact with people from different cultures. Knowledge and skills from which you will benefit the rest of your life.  

However, internationalisation is more than simply studying in a different country. In every fibre of our education, study programmes, and research, you will encounter international elements. In short: internationalisation is in our DNA!