Learning companies

Our current Learning Companies include:

Stenden Hotel**** (Leeuwarden)

A four-star property run entirely by Hotel Management students under expert supervision, Stenden Hotel is a commercial hotel business with 28 rooms, a bar, 3 restaurants, and conference facilities for up to 5-300 people.

Café Restaurant Stones (Emmen)

This learning company for first-year and second-year Hotel Management students is a commercially run dining establishment including a brasserie, restaurant and catering facilities.

Stenden Meeting U (Leeuwarden)

Conference and event management company in charge of events organised by the university’s different departments. These range from small group events to large public events.

Stenden Myconcept (Emmen)

Experimental lab equipped with high-quality, state-of-the-art technology, including a 3D printer. At this multi-disciplinary learning company, students from several courses get together to conceive and develop creative ideas by sharing their knowledge and working as part of a team.

Tourism Future Lab (Leeuwarden)

At the Tourism Future Lab on our Leeuwarden campus, Tourism Management students combine research activities with operational, tactical and strategic projects commissioned by various companies in the tourism industry.

Media Production Company (Leeuwarden)

A Learning Company for Media & Entertainment Management students, the Media Production Company is equipped with the latest technologies and software applications.

Leisure Lab (Leeuwarden)

At our Leisure Lab, Leisure Management students are engaged in client-commissioned projects, ranging from research and concept development to helping to organise high-profile events like TEDx.

Grenzcentrum (Emmen)

Dedicated to cross-border cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany, the Grenzcentrum (located in Emmen, not far from the German border) assigns students to work on projects related to education, entrepreneurship and the public sector. 

New Parents Meeting Centre (Leeuwarden)

At this Learning Company, students in Social Work provide information and advice to young families and conduct research on topical issues in their field.