If you’re looking for a unique international experience while studying and you want to look beyond the borders of your own field and work with international students on issues that really matter, then join the RUN-EU!

RUN-EU is a partnership of nine European higher education institutions. We challenge you to find real-life solutions to regional, national or international issues ranging from climate problems to food waste in an intercultural environment. You get to work with students, teachers and companies from all over Europe.

  • Study at one of the 9 partner universities in Portugal, Ireland,  Finland, Austria, Spain, Belgium or the Netherlands
  • Make friends with students from all over the EU
  • Get to know other cultures and countries
  • Broaden your international network

Your options abroad

There are various opportunities, from the usual exchange programmes or minor for one semester to working together with international students from the RUN-EU partners on projects or a Short Advanced Programme, onsite or online. If you’re looking for a way of gaining brief international experience, then enrol for a Short Advanced Programme (SAP) for two or eight weeks.

A Short Advanced Programme gives you the chance to delve deeper into a more challenging subject for a short period of time. From Game Changing Games to How to Navigate Through Unfamiliar Contexts; the topics are as diverse as the students you work with. You get to choose your own theme and it doesn’t necessarily have to be directly related to your study programme. We can really use your fresh perspective!

As a student, you will soon also be able to join one of the joint or double degrees. You will then study for a set period of time at one of the nine participating universities of applied sciences in Europe. If you opt to take a double degree programme, you’ll receive two diplomas at the end of your studies, one from each participating university of applied sciences.

Where can you study?

Have you always dreamed of studying at a university of applied sciences in Ireland, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, Finland or the Netherlands? The choice is yours! You can study at one of the following top institutions:


Why should you choose RUN-EU?

RUN-EU is a unique opportunity to get in touch and make friends with students from all over the EU and get to know other cultures and countries. It’s also the perfect opportunity to expand your network with international contacts. You’ll soon discover in practice what skills you need for working in an intercultural environment. This will be useful for your future, because there’s a good chance that you’ll later collaborate with other international colleagues on dynamic issues. In short: with RUN-EU you increase your chances on the labour market.

Get help preparing

Whether you are a first-year student, a graduate or a master’s student, you can participate in RUN-EU activities or training programmes throughout your studies.

In some cases, you can also earn credits by participating in short or long term training programmes or projects offered by RUN-EU. And sometimes you can even get a mobility grant to help finance your participation in these programmes.

More information

Please visit your university’s International Office or our website for more information.