Ademola Adigun

Student Information Technology

Ademola Adigun, Information Technology student, knows a lot about computer programming languages and is eager to learn more. A lot more.

Ademola Adigun

”I want to develop my IT knowledge and share it at home.”

“Before coming to study in the Netherlands, I’d just finished high school in Nigeria and I knew that wasn’t where I wanted to stay. I want to be an entrepreneur and start my own company one day. Coming from Nigeria, I see a lot of differences between the use of internet here in the Netherlands and back home where we’re not yet taking full advantage of it. That’s why I want to develop more as a professional so that I’m ready to work in IT and share my  knowledge. I want to be able to solve problems. In IT, it’s about delivering products to clients so they are satisfied and we are both happy.”

Innovative IT in the Netherlands

“I’ve enjoyed the process of adapting to a new environment a lot. It’s really exciting, and I could literally feel the shift. For example, right after I moved here, I would walk down the street and all of a sudden people would say hi. I was very confused. At first, I paused, then I also said hi to them. I just wasn’t used to greeting strangers. In Nigeria if someone says hi, he or she is probably related to you in some way. In the Netherlands it‘s just a friendly greeting and not an unusual thing.”


Building a robot with a trashcan

“We work on a number of projects simultaneously in my studies, so it is always busy but in a pleasant way. One of the projects I worked on in my first year was called project Innovate. And it was indeed innovative. We could build anything we wanted. Like really anything. My study group came up with a robot with a trashcan in it. It was such a nice project. Generally we study software, but we did a bit of hardware here as well. We connected boards and sensors and that was a great way of using IT.”

After graduation

“I’m still thinking about my internship at the moment. I’d really like to do my second internship in the US, because I’m into tech and that’s the second largest country for tech. That will then be my graduating internship so after that I can consider my options for staying there or going somewhere else. I haven’t decided yet, but I would like to see the world, well, at least a lot of it. Like I said, I want to take my knowledge back to Nigeria, so we can also innovate there but that’s a long term plan.”

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