Aileen Meyer

Aileen Meyer

Alumna International Business

Aileen Meyer (26), International Business alumna, is currently doing a traineeship at Resato International B.V. thanks to the International Business Talent Programme (IBT).

Aileen Meyer

”Many companies are looking for employees who can conduct business internationally.”

“I live in Germany, close to the Dutch border. It made sense to me to look across the border when time came to choose a study programme. I chose International Business because I can picture myself working in an international setting and it offered me the opportunity to learn multiple foreign languages.”

A solid foundation for the international field

“I have gained a lot of international experience during my studies. In my third year I did an internship in Switzerland. Some people consider the programme’s broad scope a disadvantage, because you know a lot about many subjects, but you don’t really dive into a subject. I have experienced it differently; I could really explore my many interests. You attend classes in subjects such as marketing, sales, but also business economics. During my internship I focused on marketing and I really felt like I had sufficient knowledge of this. Later that year I went to Bali to study the minor subjects Entrepreneurship and Spa Business Strategy. In the last two years of my studies I acquired a lot of international experience, partially thanks to the International Business Programme of HanzeHogeschool Groningen, in which NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences Emmen participates.”

International Business Talent Programme

“One of my lecturers told me I could sign up for the International Business Talent Programme. This programme lets you do your graduation assignments and traineeship at one company. After submitting my application, I had a meeting with the programme’s coordinator. When I heard I got in, things really got exciting. The programme helped me find a suitable company match. In my case it was the perfect match, because it was such an internationally orientated company. I wanted to write my thesis about a marketing plan. In the end my thesis was about entering a new market, Germany.

Up until this day I am very happy to be working at Resato, a Dutch company that offers high-pressure solutions to customers around the world. I am on the road a lot, visiting customers in Germany and I have recently paid a solo visit to a customer for the first time. The programme offers excellent guidance. When I was writing my thesis, I had sessions in Groningen with fellow students, where we would share any issues we had. Now that I am doing my traineeship, I have a coach from the programme who’s also an expert in the field. I meet with him once a month and he provides me with tips, how to conduct business in Germany, for instance.”

Why the IBT?

The programme really gave me a personal and professional boost. It offers you the opportunity to acquire a lot of work experience and I definitely recommend it. I am having a great time at Resato and it looks like I’ll be allowed to stay as well. The best way to gain experience is by simply doing the job. I am very grateful for this opportunity.”