Andrianne Rabvukwa

student Marketing Management

Andrianne Rabvukwa (21), Marketing Management student, likes to inspire people. Preferably by running multiple companies. We spoke to her about her driving force, favourite project, and the reason behind moving from Zimbabwe to the Netherlands.


”I see myself as an entrepreneur with knowledge of marketing”

“I see myself as an entrepreneur and want to have multiple companies. Knowledge about consumer behaviour, digital marketing, and setting up campaigns are helping me to realise my ambitions. In this course, I learn to better understand how costumers respond to advertisements and why. That psychological aspect is very important to me, because it helps me attract customers.”

Bringing your product to market

“We do a lot of fun projects in the course where I can use my ideas and creativity. A wine project for instance, in which we had to figure out how we could bring an existing wine to market in the best possible way. This is also part of what I want to do later; to see which opportunities there are in the market. In this project, we also compared the differences and similarities between the Dutch and Belgian markets and the best strategy to promote the wine. Knowledge of research and finance are needed for this, but you also need to know how to influence the target audience’s consumer behaviour with a campaign.”

Driving force

“I was suffering from a depression years ago and I had a difficult time. That’s why I am busy discovering self happiness and, later on, I would like to share my knowledge in this area to help people. For instance, with a clothing line for women with different body types, or by starting my own gym. Who knows, maybe I will write a book later about my experiences and I could go on tour to tell my story. Much like a band or writer would do. This is also something you have to market and manage of course.”

Deciding what to study

“My parents supported my decision to leave Zimbabwe for the Netherlands to study Marketing Management. My mother preferred for me to go into business or medicine, my father is okay with everything. Not everyone gets the same amount of support from their parents of course, but I do know one thing to be true for new students: follow your passion; choose something you can see yourself doing and don’t make the choice based on what your environment expects from you. You will probably be a lot happier.”