Carolin de Bruyn

Carolin de Bruyn

Carolin de Bruyn (21), Marketing Management student, loves studying. The German student wholeheartedly decided to go for the Marketing Management programme. She got her A-level in business in Germany and worked as an au pair in England.

Carolin de Bruyn

”Marketing Management subjects and projects fully allow me to use my creativity”

“I can really use my creativity in the Marketing Management programme. One moment, you are thinking about how to put a new product on the market, the other, you consider how to manage your relationship with customers. We frequently work together in groups on projects where we collaborate with professionals, all according to the Design Based Education principle. My favourite project so far is the one in which we had to innovate an existing product. We researched a robot vacuum cleaner and how it was positioned in the market. After this, we decided on what we would change and why. We came up with a pricing strategy, but also with how we would approach the online advertising of the product.”

Taking the step to start studying

“I am the first one in my family to study. After middle school I did my A-level in business and after that I worked for a year as an Au Pair in England. With my host family I often talked about what I found interesting and enjoyable. While discussing this I recognised that marketing is something I am really interested in, which is why I was looking at new study programmes. After gaining my A-level in business, Marketing Management seemed like a logical next step. I started my search in Germany, where I am from. However, I preferred an English-taught course, so that my English skills wouldn’t deteriorate. That would have been a shame. The diversity in the subjects at Marketing Management was the deciding factor for me to choose to study here.”

Studying abroad: Bali, or South Africa?

“Education in the Netherlands is different from Germany. All kinds of subjects are combined in projects here. In Germany, you would be focusing on one subject per semester. I like to combine knowledge, which is why I enjoy studying here. The connections NHL Stenden has abroad also appeals to me. We do a lot of group-work projects where it is sometimes a challenge to work together well, but this is where our study coach helps us with. I have not yet decided whether I will do the minor Event Management in South Africa or study in Bali for six months.”

Tips for future students

“I would recommend future students to visit an educational institute. I lived close to the border, of course, but it does help you to get a sense of what the institute is like. A so-called Shadow Day or an Open Day is a good opportunity to do this. And regarding Marketing Management: it is the course for you if you are interested in marketing in general. With it, for instance, you can definitely start your own company.”