Eline Cupido

Eline Cupido (25), International Business alumna, is a true business professional. At a company called Swapfiets Leeuwarden, she always sees new opportunities and she can use her creativity in marketing campaigns.

”The diversity of the study programme is reflected in my job and it fits perfectly with my personality”

“When I was young, I knew for certain; if I were to pursue a study, it would be at the hotel school. No doubt. When during a gap year in England, all of a sudden, I wasn’t so sure anymore. I sent my parents to NHL Stenden’s Open Day to look at a few study programmes for me and we discussed the options via Skype. We hardly started talking when they said: ‘We have found a great study programme that suits you far better!’ It was International Business and it was true. I like doing new things and I am always looking for new options. Luckily, my parents noticed even before I did: that diversity suits my personality very well.”

Putting the programme’s theory into practice

“Since 2018 I have been working at ‘Swapfiets’ as city lead in Leeuwarden. I have setup the Leeuwarden branch and I am closely involved with the daily running of the organisation. Together with the Oldenburg (Germany) partner location and in frequent deliberation with the region manager, I love bringing Swapfiets further, even across the border. I proudly speak of the concept of a subscription with which people always have access to a working bicycle; at other organisations or higher education institutes for instance. I then also talk about fun marketing activities such as the rainbow bike during PRIDE Leeuwarden or the Frisian bike that we made in light of the 1000th subscription.

During my studies I was a bit worried that I was learning a little bit of everything, and nothing of anything. Now I know that I see a lot of opportunities because I know a little bit about many things. At International Business we did a lot of presentations, for instance, and I really benefit from this now. I don’t really mind being in front of an audience anyway, but I do notice that this is because I have already done this so many times. I enjoy talking about my job and the steps we take.”

The jobs’ versatility

“The versatility of my current position really resonates with me. I take care of HR, marketing, a bit of the administration and I man the shop too. It’s one of the nice things of the study programme as well; one moment you are doing marketing, the next, operations. The international aspect suits me very well too as I am the liaison for our partner location in Oldenburg. During my studies, I’ve gathered an international network, which I now benefit from.”

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