Hooman's study experience

“When I came here I was so overwhelmed by all of the fantastic people here.”
Creative Business

Hooman (23) is a German fourth-year Creative Business student (CB, previously Media and Entertainment Management) at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. He speaks about his experiences with Problem-Based Learning* (PBL) and about his many endeavours during his studies.

Problem-Based Learning and entrepreneurship

‘At NHL Stenden, I've been introduced to the concept of Problem-Based Learning (PBL). I believe that this is the best way to learn. It shapes you as a person and it teaches you to give other people room and space to develop as you have to allow other members of the group to share their opinions. You learn to understand all sorts of people with different backgrounds.

During my studies, I've been very fortunate to have been selected for a Creative Business (CB) pilot programme. This was a big honor for me because only five students got to enter this programme. Thanks to this programme, I was able to intern at my own company, Inclusive Society Foundation. We have a professional business coach, with whom we meet every two weeks. This experienced entrepreneur helps us discuss our progress. 

These are some of the really cool things I've experienced during my time here. One thing I like less about the course, however, is the fact that we have to conduct a research assignment for our bachelor thesis. You don’t see that a lot elsewhere. 

Not everything during my studies has gone smoothly. I must admit that in my second year I bit off more than I could chew. At one point I held two new jobs which were very intense and it almost resulted in a burnout. That period taught me a lot about myself. I still work hard, but I now know when to take time for myself. Right now I’m running a company, writing my thesis and working for the supervisory board of NHL Stenden.’

Globalisation and personal development

‘I was born in Iran in 1992 and I grew up in Germany. Originally, I wanted to become a designer and be a part of a media production. As a teenager, I was really into web design and Photoshop. When it became time to choose what to study, I looked into some studies in Düsseldorf, close to my hometown Köln. Unfortunately, the studies there weren’t very appealing. 

I wanted to study in English because I love the English language. I started looking abroad and that led me to Creative Business at NHL Stenden. When I came here I was so overwhelmed by all of the fantastic people here. The lectures are great and there is a lot of room for personal development. Universities in the Netherlands are much more student-oriented and focus more on student satisfaction. I have also discovered the potential in me to take on a leading role.’

* Please note that, while PBL is still used in the majority of our courses, all study programmes work towards implementing the new Design Based Education system.