Lea Pelzer

Lea's study experience

Lea (21) is a German student currently in her second year of International Business Administration (IBA, previously International Applied Business Administration). She tells us about her study programme and what it is like to study abroad.

Possibilities at NHL Stenden

'NHL Stenden gave a presentation at my school in Germany. During this presentation, they talked about the institution, the campus and the city of Leeuwarden. I really wanted to study something in the field of business and I had always planned to study in the Netherlands. The study programme IBA caught my interest, and I could also tell that the city itself had a lot to offer. The presentation showed a lot of possibilities when it came to sports, culture, and nightlife.'

Why International Business Administration

'I decided to apply for IBA. I discussed the matter with my father, who is a business consultant. He thought IBA would be the right fit for me and I decided to go along with his recommendation. Now when I look back, I feel like I made the right decision. The study programme completely matches my interests and learning goals.

After finishing high school in Germany, I decided to go to a kind of business school in Germany. It turned out to be right up my alley. I learned a lot about business and further developed my interest in this area. When I finished, I decided to build upon the experience I had already gained by studying at NHL Stenden.'

Study programme and study material

'The variety of topics taught is something that really makes IBA stand out for me. It’s not just numbers, there is a lot more to business than that. You learn how to communicate with other people, how to encourage them, how to work with them. You learn how to set up a business or project plan, you try to solve problems with other students during Problem Based Learning (PBL) sessions and much more. Accounting is my least favorite subject. This is partly because I don’t like it and partly because I think it’s hard. I do see the benefits of every subject, even this one. I can look at a company and their numbers and understand them. It’s really rewarding when things fall into place and start to make sense.

The thing I’m most proud of is probably how much my English has improved since the start of my studies at NHL Stenden. When I look back, my English wasn’t very good and now I’m able to speak it fluently, even outside my study programme. This benefits me a lot. I can have a conversation with practically anyone.'

Minor in the Netherlands

'I’m really enjoying my study programme. However, I’m also very much looking forward to doing a minor. I decided not to go abroad and applied for a Psychology minor at another institution in the Netherlands. Human behavior has a big impact on business, so I want to prepare myself for that. I also want to be able to see my boyfriend and family regularly, who live in Germany. Lastly, I want to further improve my Dutch.  

My Dutch is improving every day. I knew the basics and was able to understand most of it. I had been living close to the border my entire life and I had Dutch in school for three years. I also mostly hang around with Dutch people in Leeuwarden. As soon as they found out I could understand them, they decided to just skip English and go straight to speaking Dutch. Although my grammar is very ‘German’, I try very hard to master the language. I’m already fully able to read and understand Dutch.'

* Please note that, while PBL is still used in the majority of our courses, all study programmes work towards implementing the new Design Based Education system.