Luisa Fierro

student International Business

Luisa Fierro, International Business student, chaired WhatSAB, the student advisory board for the Digital Learning and Working Environment (DLWO), right from its inception in 2018. Used to working in an international environment, Luisa seized the chance to fine tune her international management skills.


”I learnt how to shape and manage a large and diverse team”

“The first year of the WhatSAB was fairly straightforward in terms of team management as most of the board members were friends from my course. But as more people joined, people I didn’t know, and all with different nationalities, I had to learn how to shape and manage a large and diverse team. It wasn’t so much a challenge as an opportunity to think in a more open way. For instance, about how something like a Christmas gift would be received by the different members.

Students want a sense of ownership

“The ideas and complaints we got through WhatSAB showed how much students want to be involved and have a sense of ownership in the university. It also showed us that we do great things here but that we need to make sure the basics are in place too, like a stable Wi-Fi connection everywhere.”

“When I walk through the buildings now, it’s with a sense of pride. I can see the work of the WhatSAB everywhere, from charging lockers and better-placed printers to the study space we created by taking away an overflood of computers. And the work continues. We actually have plans for a Wi-Fi-free room, a place where people connect with each other without electronics, where we can re-educate our minds in how we spend our time. I’m really looking forward to how that works out.”