The NHL Stenden exchange programme gives you the chance to follow a broad variety of courses at one of over 150 of our partner universities of applied sciences across the globe. With this many institutions to choose from, you should be able to find a university with just the right combination of courses, facilities, and student environment to meet your personal and academic needs and interests. Whether you study Hospitality Management or Business, we have options for everyone.

  • Put together your own curriculum in the third year of your studies
  • A unique opportunity to spend 20 weeks studying abroad
  • Experience a different teaching system, immerse yourself in local student life, meet new people and make new friends
  • Broaden your personal and educational perspectives and become more resilient and gain independence

Interested in an Exchange semester at NHL Stenden?

Why join our Exchange programme?

The great thing about an Exchange programme is that you can choose from a wide variety of courses so you actually get to design your own programme. Do the course that really interests you and make your time abroad really rewarding! Of course, you’ll also get to meet up with students from many different cultural and educational backgrounds as well as experience a different teaching system. It will all help you change your perspective and develop a more global mindset.

Don’t forget you can apply for funding to help finance your time abroad. Check out the Erasmus+ website for information on the Erasmus+ grant.

Your options abroad

From Chili to Japan. From South Korea to Spain. We offer programmes with  over 150 exchange partners around the globe! 


Get help preparing

Going on an Exchange is quite an undertaking and there are a lot of different factors to consider. To help you prepare, you'll attend various pre-departure meetings. These cover practical topics such as visa applications, insurance and vaccinations, and also prepare you for the culture you are about to be a part of, covering aspects such as cultural awareness, norms & values, and safety – all essential topics if you want to be well-prepared.   

More information

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