NHL Stenden is not just a university in the Netherlands; it's partner locations can take you to other parts of the world too. With the Grand Tour you can spend part of your studies in Thailand, South Africa or Indonesia. And with a wide variety of minors on offer, there's something for everyone.

  • Discover the world while you study
  • Encounter new cultures
  • Benefit from the NHL Stenden practical teaching style
  • Get help from NHL Stenden with preparing for your stay

Why Grand Tour?

The NHL Stenden Grand Tour gives students the advantage of being able to dive straight into exploring the country and culture they have joined. Our Grand Tour partners offer course content in a similar way to NHL Stenden; it’s just the context that is different.

It means that each Grand Tour location offers a different slant on a familiar picture and gives you the chance to learn how to adapt. Imagine you’re a student at NHL Stenden and you have the opportunity to work in a South African game park as a way of getting to grips with environmental issues. Or imagine you’re doing your teacher training and you have the chance to go to a place where some children are prepared to walk for two hours to get to school and all the resources you have are a chalkboard and your own wit. We believe these are opportunities to be grabbed with both hands because that’s what can help you become great at your job.

Your options abroad

Click on a Grand Tour location below to find out more about the minors on offer there and the institute you'll study at. There's a video for you to watch that shows you round the campus and the accommodation, and gives you an impression of what you can do in your free time. 

Get help preparing

Going on the Grand Tour is quite an undertaking and there are a lot of different factors to consider. To help you prepare, you'll attend three pre-departure meetings. These cover practical topics such as visa applications, insurance and vaccinations, and also prepare you for the culture you are about to be a part of. Information about subjects like cultural awareness, norms & values, and safety is essential in your preparations.   

More information

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