Climate change and depletion of our resources are changing the reality of how we live and work. Governments are feeling the pressure to set up regulations that will alleviate the carbon footprint of their countries and reach the goals set out in the Paris Agreement. This pressure can be seen in Netherlands in the last few years with the implementation of energy labels as well as the upcoming shift from EPC to BENG for properties.

The pressure on governments to make their countries more sustainable will inevitably trickle down to property owners and ultimately affect you as a real estate broker, agent, appraiser and developer. Existing real estate varies in shape, size, and come with many pros and cons. Sellers, buyers and tenants have their own requirements and needs that must be catered to. On top of that, we must jointly find ways to reduce the ecological footprint of our real estate stock so that our children and grandchildren are not burdened by the challenges that we and our ancestors inadvertently created. With all these factors coming into play, the real estate industry is becoming complicated.


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