Keynote speakers


Let’s Go Africa: A deeper look into doing business in Africa

By MA. Roel van Hout
13.30-14.00 uur

Let’s Go Africa is a small scale, personal and innovative mediation agency with a unique placement programme for everyone that wants to experience a meaningful internship, minor or volunteer work in Africa. Noor and Roel van Hout have extensive work and life experience in Africa since 2006 and focus on long term development that is empowered by the people in the communities. We will take you along our journey from how and why it is started, to our unique working method and how we build our network in 11 different African countries. How is it like to be an entrepreneur? What do you need in order to grow? How do we deal with the current Covid-19 crisis? What are the future perspectives? How do you feel about experiencing a life-changing Business, Marketing or Economics internship in Africa in the entrepreneurship capital of Cape Town or cooperate in our professional companies on a paradise island like Zanzibar or Mauritius?


Randstad: 21th century skills

By Minke Rijnboutt
13.00-13.30 uur

Minke is a senior recruiter at Randstad. After a number of years at Randstad Student, she recently made the switch to the banking and insurance team. “I am trying to build bridges from the old shipyards to the employee of the future.” She takes you into the world of 21th century skills, alternatives to a CV and other developments in the job market.


Forest living: How to build a sustainable start-up?

By Boy Rolloos, initiator forest living
14.00-14.30 uur

Forest Living wants to make the world energy and CO2 neutral through living. Initiator Boy Rolloos tells you more about the question how they do this. After a development phase of about two years Forest Living had developed a new modular building concept based on a structural insulating building element, but before they could start producing it many steps were still needed. For example, they were only officially established in 2019 and had a substantial capital requirement to realize it. After their first financing and their first foundation round February 2020, they are now building their first factory that will be ready in November.


De Jong & Laan: De inzet van dashboards

Door Tamara van Mierlo en Sharon Rechterschot van de Jong & Laan
14.30-15.00 uur

Als accountantskantoor maakt de Jong & Laan erg veel gebruik van data-analyse voor financiële, HR en operationele rapportages. Daarnaast ontwikkelen wij middels data-analyse dashboards met managementinformatie voor klanten. In de lezing zullen wij jullie meenemen in een aantal praktijkvoorbeelden van dashboards en uitleggen wat data-analyse precies inhoudt.


There: Step into the life of entrepreneurship

door Erwin Kenter
15.00-15.30 uur

The world is changing. Also the way we are working and developing. Many people have a great ideas but not the knowledge how they can bring thin into real business. Traditional businesses are looking for ways to innovate and connect with new talent. Besides that many businesses have to rebuild their business model or product because of a changing demand and new technologies who will be disruptive. How can you bring your own idea into business and collaborate with the business owners and traditional companies? Become an entrepreneur instead of an employee.

With there digital innovation we build a platform and app who bring the traditional and new world together.


Personal Branding

By Douwe Hooijenga, entrepreneur @Betaal Ik Te Veel Huur
15.00-15.30 uur

Oprichter van deze snelgroeiende start up weet als geen ander hoe jij jouw ondernemersidee het beste kunt presenteren en pitchen.

Founder of this fast growing start up knows better than anyone how to present and pitch your entrepreneurial idea.


Kroesewevers: De toekomst van een accountant

Door Marell Droste en Wout Poorterman van Kroesewevers
15.30-16.00 uur


Rabobank: Growing a better world together

Door Albertje Rijpkema en Wiep Papenburg. Accountmanagers Food & Agri bij Rabobank
15.30-16.00 uur

Bij Rabobank kun jij tijdens of na je studie samen met je collega’s en klanten werken aan een betere wereld! Hoe leuk is dat? De wereld staat voor een enorme opgave: in 2050 genoeg gezond voedsel produceren om 10 miljard monden te voeden. Met respect voor de omgeving, de natuur, de planeet. Duurzaam dus, maar ook economisch rendabel. Nederland speelt hierin een belangrijke rol. Daarom organiseert de Rabobank ‘Rabo Food Forward’. Een programma dat in 2019 is begonnen en aankomende jaren heel Nederland aandoet en waar we samen met ondernemers, consumenten, studenten, overheid en partners oplossingen zoeken voor het uitdagende voedselvraagstuk. Albertje Rijpkema-Schaap en Wiep Papenburg, beide Accountmanager Food & Agri bij de Rabobank, vertellen over hun ervaringen met het Food Forward project in de provincie Friesland.


Nationaal Centrum Preventie Stress & burn-out

Door Bouwinus Sikkes en Benno Rijpkema

Bouwinus (alumni en ondernemer) is nu werkzaam bij NCPSB en vertelt over zijn ervaring met een burn-out. Samen met zijn collega verteld hij wat NCPSB kan betekenen.


Vince Design – International Marketing

by Vince Kleine, CEO of Vince Design
16.30-17.00 uur

Do you want to learn more about international marketing and how to successfully market a product from production up to online sales?

Vince Group understand its potential is across the Dutch boarders. As a dropship specialist Vince has become one of the major online furniture wholesalers in the Netherlands.

Over the past years Vince focused on expansion to the German, French and Great British markets.

With their own production plant in China, own warehouses and showrooms in the Netherlands, and also many own webshops in mentioned countries, Vince owns the whole process from production to end customer. The logistics and international marketing challenges are huge, but it also gives the company a dynamic culture where annually growth figures reaches to 60%.