Certified Ethical Hacking (Engels)

Do you want to make hacking your daily work? Where you don't attack companies, but use your talent for defensive purposes? So that you protect them against cyberattacks? Then Certified Ethical Hacking is the minor for you!

In this module you will be prepared by means of theory and practice to obtain the internationally recognized certificate 'Certified Ethical Hacker', after which you can call yourself an ethical hacker.  In your future work you will undoubtedly have to deal with aspects that we deal with in this module. More and more companies are becoming targets of cybercrime, which often involves a lot of costs and other negative consequences. As a result, there is an increasing demand for IT security specialists, including certified ethical hackers. 



  • April
  • September


  • Emmen


  • Engels


  • 15 EC's

Type minor

  • Voor specifieke hbo-opleiding(en)


  • ICT

Inhoud van de minor

In this minor you learn through theory and practice how a hacker thinks and works. In addition to the terminologies, you also use the tools used by hackers. You also carry out a practical assignment at a company of your choice. You conduct research into the vulnerability of that company in a number of agreed areas. During this research you record what you do and how you did it. You report this afterwards and also indicate what the risks are and how they can be prevented or mitigated.   

Opzet van de minor

After completing this module, students can: 

  • Perform a security analysis on a corporate network; 
    Provide a solid advice on the design of an infrastructure; 
  • Propose measures that benefit information security; 
  • Map and redesign processes while taking into account the safeguarding of the integrity of the data; 
  • Set up infrastructure with security in mind; 
  • Set up basic monitoring of infrastructure; 
  • Create and implement an infrastructure test plan; 
  • Perform a pentest; 
  • Explain a topic in a responsible manner based on existing sources; 
  • Write a justification description of the competences to be achieved. 


To assess whether you have achieved the objectives of this module, one assignment must be carried out in a group. All parts of the competence matrix in paragraph 1.3 must be included in this. You will be judged on the following 3 facets (All of these 3 facets should be sufficient):    

  1. Activities    
  2. Paper    
  3. Accountability description of the competences to be achieved by the student 


Hbo-students, 3th and 4th year of: 

  • Informatics 
  • Computer Science 
  • ICT 

Other courses from the Domain Applied Science are also welcome, provided that sufficient knowlegde of Informatics is covered in their curriculum. 

  The costs of this minor are 180 euros. For that amount you will receive a one year access to the EC-Council study material, as well as a voucher for the exam to obtain the official certificate. This certificate does not count for the assessment of the minor, but it is a welcome asset to your C.V. 


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