Entrepreneurship in Action

Are you overflowing with great business ideas? Do you want to unleash your entrepreneurial potential and learn how you can realize your business dream? Then the minor Entrepreneurship in Action is a great choice for you.
Entrepreneurship is a very broad term and involves a multitude of concepts from technical innovation, organizational changes, technological progress to social relations and cultural conservation.  You will be learning by doing, with our guidance and supervision.



  • Februari


  • Emmen


  • Engels


  • 30 EC's

Type minor

  • Voor alle hbo-opleidingen


  • Economie en Management

Inhoud van de minor

The minor centers around the principle of ‘Learning by doing’: students study the various aspects of International marketing management by applying theory into practice. They have to set up project, which may be economically feasible, commercially viable or  socially responsible. The final presentation is judged by the external juries.  

Subjects: Entrepreneurship - in Action, business models, Business trends (like green marketing)  and any other subject on demand. Networking is also one of the skills, minor will provide enough opportunities for that. 

Opzet van de minor

First thing that students will work on enhancing Entrepreneurial abilities:   

  • To identify available entrepreneurial opportunities for personal, professional and/or business activities 
  • To judge and identify one’s strengths and weaknesses, and to assess and take risks as and when these are warranted 


Report/ business plan, portfolio and presentation 

The assessment :  
Business plan/ groups report (depending on the assignment) =20%  
Presentation business plan = 10%  
Defense = 20% 
Personal portfolio = 20%   
Iinterview = 30%  


This minor fits for the students with entrepreneurial spirit. They can expect guidance to set up an own business and to write a business plan. The students have all the freedom to choose: commercial project, own business plan, charity project, development projects. Anything is possible.   


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