Europe at a Crossroads

Can't wait to dive into the questions and dilemmas that face the European Union at this point in time? Analyse and think about solutions for topics like migration issues, the response to covid, nationalism, populism, the democratic deficit and issues of legitimacy? Then Europe at a Crossroads is your minor!

This minor also prepares you for the thesis in the final stages of your studies.



  • Februari
  • September


  • Leeuwarden


  • Engels


  • 30 EC's

Type minor

  • Voor alle hbo-opleidingen


  • Bestuur en recht

Inhoud van de minor

This minor will provide you with knowledge and theory on some of the most pressing subjects in Europe today. Together we will discuss the challenges to the future of Europe by evaluating current features of the European Union, we will analyze possible alternative and pose new ideas. Topics will be: the effects of populism and nationalism on a European and national level, democratic challenges, the consequences of geopolitical changes and the opportunities and threats that come along with possible additions to EU membership as well as possible exits of member states.

This minor gives the students ample opportunity to dive into the questions and dilemmas that face Europe at this point in time. It also prepares the students for their thesis in the final stages of their studies.

Opzet van de minor

The minor consists of two blocks of 15 EC. Both have a knowledge and research component in which we will work together with a client. Other subjects include Ethics, Cultural Diplomacy, writing an academic paper and preparing a communication and lobby strategy. If covid restrictions permit, we will pay several working visits. Literature includes Rethinking the European Union by N. Compsey. 


In this minor you we tested with an exam in both blocks, a research assignment, a position paper + communication and lobby strategy and several assignments in which you may choose any form or shape.


This minor is meant for those students with an interest in Europe and the European Union, government and policy making, lobby activities, cultural exchange and ethical dilemmas concerning the EU.


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