Event Management 1 (Leeuwarden)

Do you like festivals, conferences and corporate meetings? Visit exhibitions and are a member of a sports club? Want to contribute and help others? Does organizing events make your heart sing? Then Event Management 1 is your minor!

Do not romanticize, it is a tough job. No 9-5 mentality, hard work. But it's also fun! You work in teams on several different projects at the same time. If you pass this minor, you earn the IDEA certificate, an award from the event industry.



  • Februari
  • September


  • Leeuwarden


  • Engels


  • 15 EC's

Type minor

  • Voor alle hbo-opleidingen


  • Hotelmanagement
  • Toerisme en vrije tijd

Inhoud van de minor

The MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) industry is still growing and therefore Professional Event Organizations demand more skilled personnel. Particularly interpersonal skills, management skills and financial insight on a high level are important in the industry. Not only organizational skills but interaction with stakeholders, insight in new media and marketing strategies are significant issues. Training students to become all-round MICE organizers with theoretical and practical experience is the central goal of this module. ·

After completing this minor you demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the event industry. Upon successful completion of the minor Event management 1, you will be able to meet all the competences set by NHL Stenden and certifying organizations.  

Opzet van de minor

Unit 1: Event Management Theory (9 EC):  
Based around the areas of project management, creativity and designing, marketing, architecture/programming, finance and risk management you demonstrate that you are able to identify and analyse relevant theory and apply this to international Real World event cases.    

Unit 2: Professional Product (3 EC):   
You analyse an (event) project idea at micro, meso and macro level, and demonstrate the competence to obtain business by presenting a convincing bid book to a client in the event industry and by doing so, demonstrate knowledge, research skills and a professional attitude relevant to management positions within a Real World event environment.   

Unit 3: Event Management Educational Field trip – costs € 390 (3 EC):   
You demonstrate a general understanding of operational and strategic aspects of the event industry, teambuilding and leadership skills and networking and you demonstrate a business-like attitude that meets the standards of the international event industry.   



  • Diverse (oral exam, bid book, performance field trip).  
  • Unit 1: Assessment is individual.  

Oral test in week 9 where you have to demonstrate that you are able to answer questions about the theory. 

  • Unit 2: Written report (team) and peer assessment 
  • Unit 3: You need to participate in an active and positive way during all program items of the Field trip.   


This is a great minor for all students in a management program.  E.g. Hotel Management, Tourism Management, Media and Entertainment, Business Administration.  But as stated, it is all about your passion. So if you are in any program and you really want to learn or improve how to organize, then this is your minor. 

This minor is not only for students who aim for a job in the event industry. You will apply what you learn in almost any profession, since organizing, planning, eye for detail and a helicopter view are competences you need everywhere. 

Leisure & Events Management students are not allowed to participate in this minor.

  Note: Event Management Educational Field trip – costs € 390 


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