Food Security

Want to discover what the impact of economic factors are in relation to food security, against the background of a regions historical, developmental, cultural, psychological and political context? And learn everything there is to learn about the concept of hunger, international policies and legislation aimed at providing Global Food Security and the impact of governance and food security? Then Food Security might be the right minor for you!



  • Februari
  • September


  • Zuid-Afrika


  • Engels


  • 15 EC's

Type minor

  • Voor alle hbo-opleidingen


  • Hotelmanagement
  • Toerisme en vrije tijd

Inhoud van de minor

Food security and nutrition are imperative for human survival and dignity. Achieving food security must take into account economic vitality, social justice, human and environmental health. Moreover, the need for managing disasters related to food security with the aim of reducing this vulnerability is critical.  The module helps you develop a comprehensive understanding of the causes and risks related to food insecurity and presents options for reducing risk and improving resilience in communities.    

Opzet van de minor

Practical examples of interventions and examples of best practice are provided from experiences across Africa. The links of food insecurity with disaster and risk-related elements across agriculture (crops, livestock and storage systems), the environment, disease and the food economy (price shocks and markets) and the world economy are explored. Food security is a developing field of interest and a new area of academic study that is rapidly evolving as new and emerging issues arise in African agriculture.   


  • Assessed against an individual module assignment 
  • Presentation 
  • Mandatory minimum attendance of 80% required 


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