Human Behaviour and Enterprise in Organisations

Are you interested in the role human behaviour plays in contemporary organizations? And how they are influenced by topics like attitudes, emotions and moods, personality and values, perception and individual decision making, motivation and group behaviour? Then the minor Human Behaviour and Enterprise in Organizations is what you need!

This minor aims to create awareness and train students in managing their behaviours, emotions and logical and critical thinking skills in an effective manner, so that they can develop personally and professionally.



  • Februari


  • Leeuwarden


  • Engels


  • 15 EC's

Type minor

  • Voor alle hbo-opleidingen


  • Economie en Management

Inhoud van de minor

After the completion of the minor, students will be able to: recognise and deal with behaviour diversity in organizations; explain and regulate attitudes and intrinsic motivation; understand the function emotions and moods have and know how to regulate them; explain and identify personality, values and understand the role of perceptions; apply the right critical thinking strategies in individual and group decision making processes; handle personal and group behaviour; value emotional intelligence and be willing to develop the inner qualities for success; cope with stress and develop the inner qualities for success; develop necessary skills and attitudes to enhance their employability.  

Opzet van de minor

 420 workload hours (15 ECS) 

Educational approaches may incluce:

  • Workshops
  • Student-led seminars 
  • Projects, experiments and simulations
  • Conceptual frameworks 
  • Case discussions 
  • Skill oriented activities 
  • Cooperation with other minors and courses
  • Socratic Approach
  • Reflective thinking 
  • Reflective journals 
  • Techniques of relaxation (cognitive restructuring, optional meditation and breathing techniques) 
  • Topic exploration sessions 
  • Open minded discussions
  • Coaching


Product Folder Critical Thinking Product Folder Organisational Behaviour and Interpersonal Skills Topic Explorations Organisational Behaviour and Critical Thinking Student-led Seminars Organisational Behaviour and Critical Thinking


Completed the first two years of a bachelor programme.    


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