International HRM South Africa

Do you want to play a role in resolving HRM issues in an international context? Where you not only focus on IHRM from an organisational but also from a cultural perspective? Then the minor International HRM South Africa is just what you're looking for! Following this minor in South Africa gives you a unique experience in a different culture.



  • April
  • November


  • Zuid-Afrika


  • Engels


  • 15 EC's

Type minor

  • Voor alle hbo-opleidingen


  • Economie en Management

Inhoud van de minor

The main focus in this minor is on HRM issues in an international context. More exactly, it focuses on IHRM from an organisational perspective like: its markets, company strategy, structure and alignment of HRM. Some of the topics tackled in this minor are: introduction to IHRM; strategic management, internationalisation and IHRM; managing knowledge in multinational firms; leadership in the international context; global performance rating; rewarding and sustainability. Because the HRM field deals with people and people are complex entities, social psychology applied to the industry and a training in intercultural sensitivity for HRM purposes will be offered.   


 420 workload hours (15 ECS) 

Educational form:

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Company consultancy case studies
  • Case based learning 
  • Student-led seminars 
  • Team assignments
  • Reflective student journals


Completed the first two years of a bachelor programme.    


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