Simulator Training Centre

Fleets are growing, technology is getting more complex, the risk of consequential damages is increasing, technical and environmental regulations are demanding.

We provide maritime training programmes that connect these developments. Our course content is constantly updated, keeping pace with industry practices and regulations. Research is conducted continuously to ensure we are offering the most relevant and rewarding courses.

On request, we can develop personalised training programmes, concentrated on the specific procedures and situations relevant to your company. 

The Simulator Training Centre houses a full range of simulator systems. These include full mission ship bridges, virtual engine room and cargo handling simulators, Dynamic Positioning simulator, High Voltage simulator, radar navigation, ARPA systems and a GMDSS simulator,

The centre and the training programmes have been designed in accordance with the provisions of the international guidelines approved by the IMO as published by the International Marine Contractors Association. Our courses are DNV and Nautical Institute approved.