Is your writing assignment still bothering you?

Struggling to concentrate? Feedback that's not to the point? Constructing sentences? Structure? 


Maybe this sounds familiar to you: you're just hanging out somewhere in the sun on a nice terrace with your friends, knowing that the summer holiday is getting closer. You're enjoying the sun and your drink and you try to ignore that there's a writing task lurking. And despite everything you're trying, it's impossible to focus or to really sit down and write. 'Just one more little break', you think, although you know that a reflection, report or thesis will not write itself. Well, then maybe after the summer?

Don't let that writing task ruin your holiday feeling, hop aboard of the Writing Express!


The Language Lab helps writers to write successfully, actively and more easily. Students can speak with our writing experts and they can receive advice and coaching that matches their needs. We are convinced that this approach works, because we see students we've helped leaving with a smile and a renewed motivation. Whether if you have questions about formulating sentences, the structure of the text or maybe you just need some space to focus, you can join in. 

Just before the summer holiday we offer a three day Writing Express at NHL Stenden, so you can work on your writing task in a nice, active atmosphere. On Monday there will be an English lecturer to help you specifically with questions about the English language. On Tuesday and Wednesday a tutor will be able to help you with the general writing process. These tutors mainly have expertise in Dutch. You can ask them general writing questions (about text structure, planning your task etc.).

So check in and pull a sprint!

Practical information

  • Monday 1, Tuesday 2 en Wednesday 3 July
  • 10:00 - 14:00
  • On location in Leeuwarden, Rengerslaan 10 Leeuwarden in classroom C1.043.
  • For more information: Margit Meintema (

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