Merging Libraries NHL Stenden Leeuwarden

The Leeuwarden Library on Rengerslaan 10 will move to the Library on Rengerslaan 8, as there is more space on Rengerslaan 8 for the collection of books and study places

Ronald Wijnia, team leader of the Library, is looking forward to the move:

"Merging the two Libraries will improve services to students and staff. We can achieve this better from one Library than from two."

What does the move look like?

From the past May holidays, the Library on Rengerslaan 10 will be open.  In mid-October, we look forward to welcoming you to the new library at Rengerslaan 8! 

For more information read the infographic.

Do you have any questions about our renovation, opening hours, study places or anything else? We are happy to answer all your questions at the Library desk on Rengerslaan 10!