IMage Processing and Artificial Intelligence (IMAI) is the new organizational umbrella for bringing AI technology and AI applications together. It is built from the strong and established base of computer vision & data science. In IMAI the four main components contribute to the ambition of making AI available to everyone: 

The IMAI Research Community is where cutting-edge applied research is performed. Here students, teachers, researchers and companies work together in a DBE-atelier to solve real-life challenges with AI technology. 

The IMAI Learning Community brings together companies, students, researchers and teachers to learn about the exciting possibilities of AI. There is room for every level and discipline ranging from AI 101s to AI deep dives as well as thematic sessions on various application domains and technological domains. 

The IMAI Business Community brings together companies and networks who want to collaborate on shared challenges within AI. This is where new networks are born and established consortia inspire with results they already achieved.

The IMAI Store is the physical location where interested parties can get inspired about the possibilities of AI and bring their own data to brainstorm and get advice from experts.