If you ask an international student to describe the Netherlands, they often say inspiring, relaxed & open minded. It’s an atmosphere that appeals to many when deciding where to study abroad. In fact, over 115,000 international students choose to get their degree in the Netherlands, so obviously there must be a lot of plusses. 

Check out our other pages below about what makes studying in the Netherlands so appealing. Our students share their experiences in various videos and podcasts and with testimonials. You can also find out about the 6 main reasons students choose to study abroad at NHL Stenden. 

Get ready to study in Holland  

Studying abroad is often your chance to find out about different cultures. For some, studying in the Netherlands is a chance to explore a completely different culture, for others, there are more similarities. Our international students have found that sometimes the differences are in the details. Cheese is cheese, right? Or is it? When you study abroad, you’ll probably find that the things you now take for granted in your day-to-day life are no longer quite what you expect. Our students are more than happy to share their day-in-a-life experiences and show you what life can be like when you study abroad in the Netherlands. Moreover, they dig deeper into Dutch culture and tell you all about their experiences in a podcast series. Check out Experience student life at NHL Stenden.  

International study environment 

Universities in the Netherlands have a strong international focus and at NHL Stenden we have over 100 nationalities studying and working on our campuses. It lends to an open environment that will help you make new contacts and develop close friendships during your studies abroad.  

The Netherlands is a small country with an excellent infrastructure and NHL Stenden is located in vibrant, relatively small, student cities. There’s lots to do whether you stay close to campus or draw on your new international contacts and decide to explore further abroad. You can discover more about what makes the Netherlands such a great place if you want to study abroad on our page Why study in Holland. 

Practical information 

Of course it’s really exciting to move abroad for your studies, and you might not always be quite sure of what to expect. We’re here to help you find out all you need to know.  From financing to housing, admissions to visas and don't forget to check out what opportunities NHL Stenden has on offer during your studies. It includes everything from travelling around the Netherlands and our international network to student associations and working alongside your studies.  

The Practical Information pages are full of information that will help you get your academic year off to a success! 

Student Experiences  

Your life as an international student can be quite different to what you’re used to: some things may be totally new while other things feel strangely familiar. Hearing about other students’ experiences can help you prepare for your new student life, so check out what our students have to say. We’ve asked students how they experience studying in the Netherlands, from what it’s like to study abroad to what they think of the practical way of learning at NHL Stenden, from what they like about their degree to what student social life is like.  

Find out what’s in store for you when you study at NHL Stenden and in the Netherlands and read our Student Experiences.