Are you going to study at NHL Stenden? Then you are choosing a challenging new educational concept: Design Based Education (DBE). On this page we would like to give you an impression of DBE.

We want to offer our students a challenging and inspiring learning environment with contemporary facilities. A number of principles are important to us: 

Learning from practical experience

We believe it is important that you are exposed to the practical problems from your chosen fields from the beginning and the you work on current real-life issues. Collaborating with industry  is inspiring and motivating. You work on  issues being faced in your fields in Ateliers inside or outside the university of applied sciences. You also learn directly from the industry through internships or workplace learning. We offer various studentgroups (full-time and part-time) appropriate education and space for personal learning routes. Working people (part-time students) can use their workplace.

Learning from and with each other

Students differ from each other in terms of their qualities, experiences and cultural background. By working together on such issues, you can make use of these differences and learn from each other. In ateliers you form a learning community and students, teachers and the professional field learn from each other.

Attention to your personal and professional development

Together we want to create a learning environment in which you develop as a person and a professional. An environment in which you are known and your achievements recognized. Our teachers are professionally competent, and they also pay attention your learning process. They coach you and give you frequent feedback. We limit the number of tests.

Our educational concept has five interrelated facets.

Multidisciplinary collaboration 

You will work together on real-life issues from the start and learn from and with each other. You will work a lot with the professional field and increasingly with students and researchers from other programs.

Design Thinking

You will learn to work according to an iterative design process, i.e. step by step and with increasing insights leading towards an optimal result with room for experimentation, prototyping and creativity. You optimize your solution by testing prototypes in practice.

International & Intercultural

You develop your international and intercultural competences by working together with international students or in an international or intercultural setting in practice. You learn to look at an issue from different perspectives. If you wish, you can carry out part of your studies abroad with one of our foreign partners.

Sustainable education

You will develop your learning skills, allowing you to take charge of your development even after your studies. You contribute to meaningful solutions for societal issues. 

Personal leadership

We encourage you to discover your own talents and develop your own personal and professional identity. You will be given more and more room to shape your own learning path.

This is why you choose for DBE:

  • You will work with current issues from the professional field from the very beginning
  • You will work in ateliers with students, teachers and clients from your chosen field
  • There is room for experimentation, prototyping and creativity
  • You will discover where your talents lie and you will give substance to your own learning process
  • You will expand your horizons through our extensive international network of partners, among other things.

Each program works with its own atelier? What is an atelier? Watch the video about the Social Domain of NHL Stenden atelier. (Educational ateliers on Vimeo)  Onderwijsateliers on Vimeo.

"As a student, I am very happy that I was able to use this new concept within education. I find it a fine way of studying and working that has promoted both my personal and my professional development."
Jenny de Vegt