The Code of Conduct to international students in Dutch higher education sets out standards for Dutch higher education institutions in their dealings with international students.

What does the code of conduct entail and why it is important for international students?

Quality assurance

By signing the Code of Conduct, the institutions are offering international students a guarantee of the quality of their programmes, student recruitment, selection and counselling procedures. Only institutions that have signed this Code are allowed to recruit international students. This Code of Conduct is an initiative of the Dutch institutions. More information and the full version of the Code of Conduct can be found on the website


Any party concerned, believing that a higher education institution has not acted in accordance with the Code of Conduct, can lodge a petition with the National Commission in writing. Prior to lodging a petition with the Commission, the petitioner first must submit the complaint to the competent authority of the higher education institution.

More information about submitting a complaint to the National Commission

More information about submitting a complaint at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

What does the complaint procedure regarding the code of conduct look like?